Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review – Black with gray frame

There is growing need for outdoor time for mother and child and even daddy. This is due to the fact that most often we are caught up with work, appointments and deadlines to beat. We increasingly have little time to do things outside our offices or homes especially true for a working nursing mother that might need to pick up- a thing or two from the grocery store, have a healthy walk around the park, meet the deadline from work or school or simply hang out with her spouse, all because she needs to care for her baby. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is fast becoming an essential gear for parenting before your baby can work on their own.


Baby jogger citi Mini Stroller pros and cons

No doubt there are several benefits of using Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller, it includes the following but not limited to it:

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    1. It is lightweight and can be easily carried from one location to another with ease.
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    2. It is compact, that is it can easily fit into your car without occupying too much space
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    3. It comes in black and gray frame that will blend with most color combination of baby wear, mother or father, for those that are fashion conscious
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    4. It is pretty comfy for babies and would reduce them being cranky
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    5. It can be used when mother needs to burn some calories by having a brisk walk or go out jogging.
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    6. It is essentially safe for baby as there is little or no risk of accident.
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    7. There are multiple recline position to see your baby’s face to improve that loving connection between mother and child
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    8. It has a sun canopy that can be adjusted to keep the sun out of baby’s face and delicate skin
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    9. It can be easily directed when wheeling it because of the unique wheel design.
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    10. It can not just roll off when you need to take your eyes or hands of it for a while because it has an EVA tire tread with lockable swivel front wheels and front wheel suspension
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    11. The price does not drill a hole in the pocket as it is fairly affordable.

Though the benefit of using Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller seems to be endless there are few concerns what knowing about and they are as follows:

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    The physical contact between mother and child during the early stage of growing is important in development of the baby’s mental and general well-being, so using the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller do not give that physical connection
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    Infants can only see things about 12-18” in front of them at first then their site gradually improves to see further, so during this period of using the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller the baby might only see his/her mother as a hazy white or dark figure without actually recognizing, or connecting with the mother.
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    In modern world that is highly fashionable and would love to take pics and post on various social media, there are far too limited colors to choose from this might be a major turn down for highly fashionable and highly sociable mothers that would just love to flaunt some more colors and make sure a color from either their baby’s dress or theirs is represented on Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller.


In all pros far outweighs the cons of this product. A big catch for Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is a lifelong warranty offered by the manufacturers. This really is uncommon with many products and a customer will immediately be compelled to purchase the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller on seeing this. However, I wonder if it includes all the types of damages or limited to some particular type of mechanism of damage. It would have been better if it was categorized according to how claims for damage will be treated and how prompt replacement or a refund will take since the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller would have been an integral part of care of the baby before damage, and some mothers and or baby would have had some emotional or psychological attachment to the product.


As mentioned above the variant or option of different colors are limited. Though, available color easily blend into many colors as a mother may choose to wear something for her baby. However, would have preferred different color variant to choose from as many mothers prefer brighter colors for girls and cooler colors for boys. It only come in Black with Gray frame.

Design - 96%
Feature - 98%
Material - 100%
Price - 100%

Where to Buy it

The world indeed is a global village with many sociodemographic, cultural and even religious gaps been closed up daily and with lots of sales opportunities in Asia, Africa, and other countries through various E-commerce platform in this region and young and enterprising minds ready to go into partnership, franchise or outright production of this same product to make it popular and make good sale in every region of the world but are limited by the close selling circuit created by the manufacturer whom only sale on Amazon mainly targeting the American market. Though, some security issue may arise if the sale of this product is made all over the world and logistics for selling might need more manpower, it is still worth taking the risk as many would see this product and want to buy and are restricted or even merchants are surfing the net daily in the aforementioned regions for the next best product to deal to increase their store rating and to make honest money alongside. It will be profitable and build a legacy of the product that can sell all over the world. And you can expect to find this on common online retailers sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.


The synopsis of Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is that it is a baby stroller every mother deserves to have for a safe, convenient, cheap, hassle free, exciting way to move around with your baby while you have free hands to do so many other things like jog, go shopping, have a picnic, take stroll with your spouse or friends, read your book, cook, go to saloon, go to the gym, or even have a date. So I strongly recommend that you go out there and get yourself one and see how it will make your day chore seem a whole lot easier.

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