BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


Many parents around the world have been preoccupied by their office work and housework including taking care their babies. However, not all parents can be 100% contributing their time and effort their children. As parent, they can’t overlook their necessity to do outside activities including walking, running, jogging, etc.

BOB Revolution Pro SE Duallie Stroller Review

Speaking of which, you may be included on the group. You will not deny that you need to have a nice time to jog or walk around. In the past time, it was not possible to carry the babies while jogging. But today is totally different.

Baby strollers come as the real savior for every parent on earth. They are indeed beneficial especially if you are a parent who travels frequently. Walking or jogging with your baby is very easy today. Exercising while supervising your baby has never been this easy before. Traveling with your baby becomes very possible when you have your own baby stroller. You will be happy moving while having peace of mind that your baby is beside you.

With baby stroller, you can make sure that all your activities can be done without any hassle. Be it shopping, fitness activities, or taking a stroll you will be able to do anything you want with ease and peace of mind.

There are some aspects which you need to find in baby stroller. One of the most important things is your child’s safety. To ensure this aspect, make sure the stroller has decent seat belts. It is important to fasten the seat belt to ensure the safety of the baby. You shall not have the problem when fastening the seat belt.

Check the spacious storage in the stroll so that you can insert all important items you need to bring with your kids. The space can be used to store milk, diapers, etc. The other thing is the locking system to secure the front and the back side of the stroller to provide extra protection to your baby.

Last but not least, the seats are also important for the sake of the baby’s comfort.

To locate the best stroller for your baby, you need to check positive reviews out there. But you know what, save your time, my friend. I have the suggestion presented right for you.

The name is Bob Revolution SE stroller. It is one of the most prominent jogging strollers you need to purchase from the market today. It is full of advantageous features which you may not find in the other products like roomy padded seat, big canopy, and easy fold. I mentioned about space in the previous discussion. This item seems to read my mind. It has such spacious storage which includes large basket, two pockets inside the seat, and a large pocket located at the back of the seat.

For the smooth ride, Bob Revolution SE comes with the high quality air filled tires, 16”. However, what makes it comes with smooth ride is the state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system. It is very easy to operate the stroll. With the smooth ride feature, it can adjust to any landscape and surface. No need to worry if there are some small holes on road you pass by.

The load capacity is up to 70 lbs. with this weight limit, you can use this stroll for very long time. Which means you can some bucks in monthly basis. I tried this too took my 7 months old son, Dan, to have walk. I went to a park nearby my house. It went very smooth! It was the nicest evening I spent with my son. I found it very navigable in every surface. I even did not have problem to take Dan to another place which has different surface. With this performance, I daringly give it 9 out of 10 mark because I do like the spacious storage, comfortable seat, big canopy, and amazing smooth ride. It is really overwhelming compared to other strollers. Here is my unbiased review. Let’s dig in.

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller


I’ve mentioned about the reasons why I gave 9 out of 10 on this. Now I’m going to elaborate them a bit. The big canopy, it is crucial! Kids are prone to extreme weather including sun exposure. I don’t want Dan to see direct sun through his delicate eyes. Huge canopy covers this. It has 5 positions which are adjustable with the 125° range of coverage. Superb, isn’t it? It is even better than my car’s canopy. Perhaps you have seen some unfortunate parents to experience a little incident when the stroller move by itself because of the sloping plains. Well, you don’t have to worry. It has wrist strap which is linked to handlebar for the extra security. Your stroller will not be out of sight.

Comfortable seat is top priority. Then I want to compliment its seat storage pockets. I mentioned about 2 pockets inside the seat. Well, you can use your imagination. You can put almost any item in there. Storage is located to the back of the seat, which is perfect place.

The smooth ride comes not only because of the wheels, but also adjustable suspension system. It is sophisticated and improved. I can literally walk by gravel, broken sidewalk, etc.

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller


Hard to say, but again, it is an unbiased review. The only downside which I hate to say to you is the bulkiness. You know it has relatively big dimension which is 39” long and 16” high when folded. Of course it is bigger than other stroller. But comfort comes with a price. The large wheels, which make the smooth ride is one of the factors. When you remove the wheel, the dimension will be smaller. But we both know that it is impossible.

Bob Revolution SE vs CE Model

I made this because a lot of friends asked me about which is the best: SE or CE model. My money’s on SE model. However, each person has their own judgement. So in the end, I will leave the decision to you.

Judging from the size, CE is absolutely smaller than SE. CE is all in 12.5 inch, while SHE is in 12.5 and 16 inch. The significant difference is in the wheels size.

Size does matter. CE maximum weight is 23lb while SHE is 25 lb. If your kid weighs more, you may want to opt SE model.

Last but not least, CE is a single stroller. Meanwhile, SHE is single and double stroller. You can purchase based on your necessity.


This is the interesting part that I want to share. SE model has a lot of advantages. One of the most important things to protect your baby is also to protect the item. BOB offers 5 year limited warranty on the frame and 1 year on small parts and fabric. I won’t explain further about the details since you can check it later when you are about to purchase BOB Revolution SE Model. But, 5 years are long years, which means longevity. A positive point for this product. .

Available Colors

To suit your personal tastes, BOB offers 4 colors: black, navy, orange and plum.

Design - 97%
Feature - 98%
Material - 100%
Price - 100%
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    Design - 97%
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    Feature - 98%
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    Material - 100%
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    Price - 100%

Where to buy it

If your location is relatively far from physical store, I would recommend you to search it on Amazon. I got fair price on Amazon with free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. Okay, I will be honest. Amazon is the best site to locate this thing. Besides the item is definitely available, you can get the lowest prices as possible.

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Final Verdicts

I won’t waste your time any further. “Perfection is the child of time” – Joseph Hall. I quoted this because it is interesting. Every parent on earth want to give the perfect things for their children. Since I welcomed my son to the world, I considered him as a perfect gift. I wanted to spend the time together with him with smiles. Since I purchased BOB Revolution SE, I noticed there has been this big smile coming from Dan. You can do it too.

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