BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Review

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Review

Does exploring nature excite you yet you can’t go out strolling with your kid due to rough terrain? Are you confined to the well-paved sidewalks within your neighborhood? Then unshackle yourself from this chain with the BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller. This stroller broadens the spectrum of your jogging to not only off road but also on the road. It has unique features that present it as a key-planner IN the field of outdoor strolling.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller

01. Fixed Front Wheel for improved Stability:

The stroller has a fixed front wheel. This allows for improved stability during strolling. This increased stability allows for the stroller to work outdoors. One can thus go for a walk or stroll in nature without minding the terrain of the place. It can also be used for hiking and jogging. It also facilitates forward movement without wavering of the stroller. This thus prevents unnecessary slowing down due to side movements. The knobby tires also increase friction for stability.

02. Adjustable Suspension System for Smooth Rides:

For the sake of your child’s smooth ride, the stroller has an adjustable suspension system. Composed of adjustable release knobs and coil springs, this system allows for all-terrain rides while keeping the experience smooth. Additionally, the padded safety belts hold the child in position even as he/she enjoys the outdoor ride. This unique suspension system thus guarantees a smooth ride for your young one. The child’s seat is also padded.

03. Light, Sturdy and Compact Frame:

The stroller’s frame is a combination of durability, strength and lightweight material. Despite the rugged terrain it may have to pass through time and again, the frame can equally withstand the strain. It can operate for a long time while still maintaining high standards of performance. The assembly of the frame is also compact to allow for easier storage.

04. Myriad Adjustment Feature:

Flexibility is a key factor in any machine especially ones meant for children. This is mainly for comfort. The BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller. has multiple adjustments features. This includes a 70 degrees recline feature for the seat to give more comfort. The frame is also adjustable for easier storage after usage. The canopy is also adjustable to avail enough shade to the child at any time of the day. A provision to allow for maximum field of vision is however in place. The canopy thus does not influence the child’s field of vision.

05. Two large storage Areas:

If you need to carry some food or water for the young one, there is room for such. The stroller has one huge storage space beneath the seat. There is also another huge seat-back storage place. Together they have the capacity to carry enough luggage for use during the stroll or hike. Additionally, there are internet seat pockets for supplementary storage of items that might be needed during the jog. These storages spaces may come in handy more especially during hiking.

06. Safety:

During the multi-terrain hikes, jogs or strolls, there might be accidents. The stroller however has features to guarantee the safety of the child. It has safety harnesses that hold the child in place during passage over rugged ground. They are padded for extra safety and comfort. There are handbrakes which are to be engaged in case one loses control downhill during motion. There are also parking brakes to be engaged when the stroller is at rest. The wheels are also made of high-impact composite material. They will withstand any impact in case of an accident and prevent injury to the child.

07. Assembling and Dismantling:

The stroller frames are made efficiently. Their assembly to form the stroller is one of ease. It is also sturdy once assembled. This allows for easier assembly and dismantling for storage purposes. There are numerous welds than bolts in the frame. This makes the stroller stronger as bolts are points of weaknesses in structures. The bolts present are however made of strong materials to make up for the weakness in the inclusion of bolts.

08. Cost:

In this tough economic times, money is a major factor in purchasing of products. The BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller, Blue is however sold at fair prices. In well-established online platforms like Amazon, they go for a good price of 449.99 USD which is a really good offer. Over and above, there is free shipping worldwide of the same with Amazon prime. Thus when it comes to cost, Amazon is a good contender.

💡 Additional Features:

The stroller has additional features that improve its performance. It has an auxiliary adapter for attachment of BOB Infant Car Seat adapter. This is separately bought to enhance the strolling experience. It has padded handle bars to prevent blister formation to the hands of the operator. It also gives better grip of the stroller to prevent any mishandling that may result in mishaps. There is also a knob built to keep the stroller riding in forward motion.


💡 Every product on earth must have the demerits even though it might be the best. The fixed front wheel may be a source of stability but it is also a source of reduced mobility especially round corners. Some customers have raised this issue of reduced efficiency while negotiating corners thanks to this unique feature.

In other products, it has been mentioned that the tires run flat but that might be a tire malfunction of one or two products. Some customers have also complained about the handbrake claiming they could be improved in place of the fixed front wheel.


The BOB Sports Utility Single Stroller comes in two colors: blue and orange. Blue may be a choice for the customers looking for a cool color whereas orange can be an option for ones looking for something more colorful.

Design - 99%
• Feature - 99%
• Material - 100%
Price - 100%

• Design - 99%
• Feature - 99%
• Material - 100%
• Price - 100%


Where to buy it

There are several places to buy this stroller from part from Amazon. The strollers are also found on Kohl’s, Are, eBay, Right Stat, Babies R us, Diaper, Target, ALbeeBaby, and Amazon at fairly good prices too.

Final Verdict

The BOB Sports Utility Single Stroller is a high performer in outdoor and sidewalk strolling. It is stable to support different terrains such as gravel and outdoor exercises such as jogging, hiking, and strolling. It has top-tier adjustable suspension system that ensures a smooth ride for the child. It also has additional features such as large storage spaces and padded handle bars for a better hiking experience. It has minor demerits such as reduced mobility around corners. In conclusion, the stroller is a perfect companion for outdoor exercising with your child harnessed in the padded seats.

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