Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag Review

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer

System Back Pack Diaper Bag

The Graco Gotham smart organizer diaper bag is a very durable and functional baby diaper bag with amazing features designed to suit yours and your baby’s needs. The following are some of its amazing features;

graco gotham smart organizer system back pack diaper bag
Durable Polyester Design

This diaper bag is a backpack with a durable polyester design. This means that the bag is strong and can last throughout your nursing season and can be used for more than one kid too. The polyester allows for easy maintenance. This means you can easily wash and maintain this diaper bag. It is also very easy to use and because of its polyester design, you do not have to worry about water or other liquids spilling on the bag. If you're looking for a durable diaper bag that you can carry about easily, and you do not want to worry about its functionality, then this backpack would work for you.

graco gotham smart organizer system back pack diaper bag1
Adjustable and Padded Shoulder Straps

This baby diaper bag features padded shoulder straps that are adjustable. Because of the padding, you can carry your diaper bag for even long trips and for a long time more comfortably. The padded straps allow for more comfort while handling the bag. If you're the kind that loves to pack a lot of stuff, then this product will work for you as it will make your job less tasking. The bag may not be lighter, but it will be a lot easier to carry. The straps are also adjustable, so it can be adjusted to fit any individual. This way, you will stay comfortable while you carry your baby and diaper bag around.

graco gotham smart organizer system back pack diaper bag3
Smart Organizer System

The smart organizer system is a unique feature of the Graco Gotham backpack diaper bag. This feature will allow you to pack all your baby essentials in the bag in an organized manner. This way, you can carry out your diaper change easily without having to look for stuff. This is because this bag is designed with various compartments to suit various classes of items essential for you and your baby. For instance, it features a wipes case, a dispenser and several storage pockets for your convenience. This is essentially the functionality of the diaper bag.

graco gotham smart organizer system back pack diaper bag4
Others Features

This amazing diaper bag also features a top handle which allows you to easily transport the bag without having to use the back straps. This feature allows for convenient and easy movement every time your baby needs a diaper change. You can decide to carry the bag with its top handle, especially if it is too heavy to use the back straps.This backpack also comes with a diaper changer pad which is an additional plus. This feature also allows you to change your baby’s diaper quickly and easily. Also, you can put your dirty diapers away in such a way that it doesn't ooze and spread throughout the diaper bag.This bag is very lightweight (approximately 2 pounds) and can be carried about easily. It is highly recommended for moms.

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