Alva Baby Cloth Diapers Review and Guideline

Alva Baby Cloth Diapers 6 pack with 12 Inserts, Adjustable Reusable Diapers Fitted for Baby Girls and Baby Boys

Made Of:

Alva Baby Cloth Diapers are made of a microfiber/terrycloth blend. The twelve inserts are made of absorbent microfiber. The materials are absorbent and soft. They are quick-drying and machine washable. Gently ruched elastic lines the sides of the diapers. This is so that baby’s poops are contained within the diaper. Blow-outs will not happen with these gentle elastic strips at the sides of the diaper. This is good news for baby’s carers, including Day-care staff. The opening for the pocket which is at the center back of the diaper is elasticized as well. The opening for the pocket is quite large which makes placing and removing the inserts easier. The elasticized strip at the center of the back is another good method of containing baby’s poops.

Color and Size:

This diaper is an all-in-one-size with plenty of snaps for adjustment between small, medium and large sizes. I recommend that you refer to the diagram to see how the size adjustment works. There are snaps for adjusting the width and the length of the diaper. Alva Baby Cloth Diaper also has snaps at hip level which prevent the diaper from sagging down. The colors are plain with no designs on them so they can be worn by baby girls or baby boys. The orange, light green, dark and light blue, pale gray and charcoal gray colors look fresh and clean. These Alva Baby diapers are made to fit babies and toddlers of six pounds to thirty-three pounds in weight.


​​​Economy and Other Features:

  • ​The complete package contains six diapers and twelve inserts. That’s decent value.
  • ​Using the Alva brand of diaper parents typically need to diapers and twelve to fifteen liners per day to keep baby clean.
  • ​The Alva Baby diapers and inserts hold up well in the wash. I suggest you follow the advice on the packet and put a little salt in the wash. This keeps the colors vibrant.
  • ​The snaps are well-made and very strong.
  • ​These diapers are easy to adjust in size – They “grow well with the baby.
  • ​For women who are expecting, there is no need to worry about the gender of the new bub. These colors look good on boys or girls.
  • ​Despite the elasticized strips around the legs and on the back, the Alva Baby diapers do not leave marks on Baby’s skin.
  • ​For first-time mothers who are searching for a good cloth diapering system, Alva Baby brand promises good value and long-wearing diapers and inserts. FTM’s need look no further.
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