Best Cloth Diapers How to Choose

​ How to Choose the Best Cloth Diapers


The best cloth diapers brands have this one special factor: the size is easy to adjust. This means that durable long wearing diapers can be washed and worn throughout several years. These diapers should see the baby through from its first diapering as a newborn baby into the toddler phase. Most brands include a chart such as the one in the Angel Love One Size Fits All package. This chart shows the method of adjusting the diaper so that it fits comfortably as the baby grows. Parents usually decide on a brand that has the adjustability that they need to diaper the baby comfortably as it grows.

best cloth diapers


The durability factor links into the economy factor which I will discuss below. To check on the wear you can expect to get out of a cloth diaper, look at the sewing on the seams. Then check the stretchiness of the fabric. Does it seem as if this fabric is going to last for up to two years? Cloth diapers are made to go the distance from baby to toddler years, so buy one of the well-recommended brands suggested here. The comparison chart on shows Angel Love cloth diapers as number four out of ten brands and Alva Baby diapers as number five out of ten brands.


Please forgive the made-up word I have used here. It just seems to fit the need that parents have to reduce the number of blow-outs. Best Cloth Diapers are said to do this. puts it like this: “You don’t get blow-outs in (a)cloth (nappy) diapers.” The main reasons why cloth diapers reduce the number of blow-outs is that they have elasticized leg-openings. In some cases, they also have an elasticized strip on the back of the waistband. The ability of cloth nappies to reduce the occurrence of blow-outs to nil is a blessing for parents.


To work out the cost of any Best Cloth Diapers system you have to do the math. This means dividing the total cost of a packet of cloth diapers by the number of diapers in the packet. This will give you the cost of a single diaper. Next work out the number of times per day that you change the baby or toddler. This figure multiplied by seven will tell you how many baby changes you do per week. The number of changes could add up to fifty or sixty. This figure tells parents how often they need to do the washing, so as to have a constant supply of clean diapers on hand. I suggest that you refer to to work out a budget for one two years of using cloth diapers.

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Most Moms and Dads are environmentally conscious, so how diapers are disposed of is important. Cloth diapers can be reused for the next baby. They can then be repurposed and used as clean rags for dusting around the house. There is no need to dispose of them in a landfill. Disposable liners or inserts can be a baby carer’s best friend. It is so simple to flush them down the loo. These disposable liners include some brands of bamboo liners, which are nicer next to baby’s skin than microfiber liners. I recommend the website This site is a good place to find answers to questions about living “green” and cloth diaper liners.

Other Considerations:

​The cuteness of cloth nappies is a delight to Moms and Dads’ hearts. Cloth diapers are well-known for their multitude of designs and patterns. It’s little bit of fun and a way to give babies and toddlers their own special identity. Mama Koala and Alva Baby have some of the best cloth diaper designs. Colorful cloth diapers can be given as:

Breathability is a good feature of cloth diapers. The fabric of cloth diapers lets air flow around the baby’s bottom more easily. Breathability helps to:

  • ​Prevent nappy rash
  • ​Keep baby cool and comfortable

Potty Training: There is a general agreement that babies who have been cloth diapered are easier to potty train. This may be because:

  • ​Babies can identify the feeling of wetness more easily in a cloth nappy.
  • ​Babies can more easily understand the need to go to the potty when they have experienced being wet and being dry.

I recommend that you have a quick read of the of the article on the site The article makes a lot of sense.

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