Love My Baby Cloth Diaper Review

​Love My Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Love My Baby Cloth Diaper Review | Super Water Absorbent Anti-Bacterial Bamboo Inserts|

Made Of:

Love My Baby Cloth Diaper Review linings as they are also called, are made from Bamboo Viscose fiber. This material is a combination of seventy-one percent bamboo and twenty-nine percent polyester. This combination fiber has lots of great properties. It’s super absorbent, much more so than cotton. It can actually absorb up to sixty percent more liquid than cotton can. The bamboo/polyester material regulates the temperature of baby’s body. This factor combined with breath ability promises that baby will always feel comfortable when he/she has one of these inserts inside the diaper.

Color and Size:

​These inserts are a natural white shade, as they have not been treated with Chlorine to bleach them. The dimensions are fifteen inches long by three inches wide. They fit well inside the pockets of other diaper brands. They lie flat and are rectangular in shape. The two layers of microfiber are layered in between the two layers of bamboo. This way baby has the soft temperature regulating bamboo against the skin. Due to the highly absorbent quality of bamboo baby is unlikely to develop diaper rash. The Love My diaper inserts can be folded a little at one end because they are so trim and flat. If they are folded a little they may fit better into diapers which have smaller pockets.

Economy and Other Features:

Economy and Other Features:

  • These liners can be purchased for an economical price that is pleasing to parents.
  • The Love MyR inserts are made with organic bamboo.
  • Parents have reported that their toddlers say that they like them. 
  • These liners have a nice odor.
  • Love MyR inserts’ bamboo outer layers are four times more absorbent than cotton.
  • The inserts are anti-bacterial.
  • These diaper inserts are biodegradable.
  • Even though they are made in four layers, these inserts will not scrunch up; they keep their flat shape.
  • The outer bamboo layer of these inserts wicks moisture away from baby’s bottom.
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