Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diapers: Best Baby Diapers

Busy mums and dads, who’ve already bought up at least one child, turn naturally to Luvs. This is because Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diapers do the job for a much lower price. Experience has taught these parents that the Luvs diapers are a bargain. They are just as good as more expensive brands, but cheaper.

There is one other bargain to be had when purchasing Luvs disposable diapers. This super bargain is the Free Shipping on purchases that cost more than $49.00. Auto-ship can also be set-up on an account, which saves even more time and money.


Luvs are perfect for busy parents, who may have another child in diapers, perhaps even a toddler. Two tiny tots in diapers is testing for mums and dads and not just because of the time factor. The expense of keeping two kids in diapers at the same time … well it could cost quite a bit.

This is where Luvs come in. Luvs cost from twenty to twenty-three cents each, about half the price of the more expensive brands. A single diaper from one of the more expensive brands costs forty-four cents from Yes, that is a huge difference in price. Most parents are happy with a no-frills product such as Luvs if it performs well and costs less.

​​Luvs also offer a Money Back Guarantee if one of their diapers leaks. This means that for the price, Luvs baby diapers really are the best deal that your money can buy. They compare well in all ways to more expensive brands.

Luvs diapers reviews reveal that Luvs diapers are very soft to the touch and that babies seem to be comfortable in them. They are sold in almost every supermarket, so it’s always easy to purchase a few packets of Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diapers.

Not only is this diaper soft, but it is comfy and stretchy. The Luvs diaper has a nicely contoured shape and wide tabs for closure of the diaper. Babies will go to sleep and stay asleep when they are wearing a diaper they feel comfortable in. Luvs are durable as well and they receive a high score for this quality in diaper comparison charts.


The most important point about any diaper is how leak-proof they are. Luvs Ultra Leak Guard Diapers are manufactured with Leak Lock. This feature keeps moisture right away from baby’s skin; the Luvs diaper has been shown to have a larger dry patch inside the diaper. Night Lock is another great feature of Luvs diapers; it keeps baby clean and dry throughout the night.

The company that manufacture Luvs, Proctor and Gamble, say that Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diapers pull wetness away from the surface of the diaper more quickly than top brand diapers do.

Luvs are made in six sizes ranging from NB for newborns to size 6 for tots who weigh 35 lb or more. Size 6 is the largest size that Luvs Ultra LeakGuards are made in, but some mums wish there was a size 7. This larger size would be a better fit for toddlers who are bigger than normal, or who are growing up fast.

Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Luvs, have avoided the use of latex in their diapers. Latex is a substance which may cause allergic rashes on the skin. Spandex elastic has been used as a replacement for latex since 1998 in all Luvs diapers.

Luvs also offer a digital coupon for a fifty-cent price reduction on Luvs diapers. A free giveaway of a year’s supply of Luvs diapers will be awarded month by month to a special mum who has logged in via Facebook. For winners of this competition the savings on Luvs diapers will really add up.

It is mostly the mums who have reviewed Luvs diapers. They say that Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diapers are great value and that Luvs is a brand you can trust.

The total number of Stars awarded to Luvs diapers for Value are 4.16 out of Five Stars. The total number of Stars awarded to Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diapers for Quality is 4.26 out of Five Stars.

One of the most highly praised features of Luvs diapers was the Blue Clues wetness level checker. Many mums also loved the special scent of a Luvs Ultra LeakGuards Diaper.

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