Norah’s Baby Pocket Cloth Diapers Review

​Norah’s Nursery Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers Review

​Most parents appreciate some assistance when it comes to the issue of diapering the baby. These pocket cloth diapers are all of great assistance to a baby’s carers, as they are reusable and re-washable and therefore a cheaper diapering system overall. Here are the best cloth pocket diapers: Norah’s Nursery Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

Made of:

These diapers are made from a lovely soft suede cloth with a TPU lining and bamboo/microfiber blend inserts. (Note: TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is very stretchable, stays cool and is resistant to abrasions and grease stains.) The bamboo/microfiber inserts are extremely absorbent and can be washed many times over. Their absorbency and softness increases with each wash as these inserts “puff-up” in the wash. The inserts also absorb baby’s poops, so that there are fewer stains and spills.

Colour and Size:

Norah’s Baby Cloth Diapers are designed to be worn by babies of both genders; the stripes, spots, zigzags and multi-colored patterns look neat and clean on baby bottoms of all shapes and sizes. Some designs that suggest gender are also available such as a nautical design which could be worn by boys and a peony design which could be worn by girls. As for size, these diapers have an adjustable system of snaps on the waistband so that as baby grows the waistband can be expanded. The waistband can be adjusted to fit babies’ waists which measure from 10 – 33cms.

Economy and Other Features:

These soft suede diapers can be washed and reused. This great feature makes Norah’s Baby Pocket Cloth Diapers economical and budget-friendly. The package does not state how many times the diapers can be washed and worn, so Mom’s will have to go by trial and error. According to the changes in the size of the waistband, the diapers could last for 4-6 months.

Other features include:

  • Suedecloth is polyester and does not “Pill.”
  • ​The leg-holes do not leave marks on baby’s skin.
  • Suedecloth does not cause rashes.
  • ​These diapers definitely do not leak.
  • These diapers can be used as Swim Diapers.
  • Norah’s Baby Diapers are packaged with a complimentary wet bag so that Moms can store diapers when they are out of the house. The wet bag can be hung from the back of a stroller.
  • Seven complimentary bamboo inserts are also included.
  • Each package of Norah’s baby Diapers includes a 100% money back guarantee.
  • The Norah’s Baby diapers can be machine washed and dried in a dryer, but for best results follow the instructions on the packet to avoid pilling, the disintegration of fibers etc.This product is well-rated and reviews are positive. The environmentally-aware factor is a good one for modern parents who may appreciate the idea of not harming the environment as they diaper their bub.
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