Nora’s Nursery Nautical Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers Review

​ Nora’s Nursery Nautical Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers Bamboo Inserts Review

​Made Off

Nora’s Nursery Nautical Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers are made of suede cloth and following in the environmentally friendly trend, they have a TPU lining and inserts made of a bamboo/microfiber blend. Suede cloth easily wicks moisture away from any contact with baby’s skin. Moisture is wicked to the diapers’ absorbent liners so that the baby feels drier and comfier. The external layer of the diaper that rests against baby’s skin is made from bamboo viscose. The inner layers are made of two thick layers of microfiber for extra absorbency. The liners fit easily into the inner pocket.

Colour and Size

Nora’s Nursery Nautical Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers may be covered in black and white designs which are quite snappy. The Navy Nautical designs are mainly blue and white designs which depict anchors and sailboats or a blue ’n’ white stripe design. The diapers resemble a small pair of shorts that a baby could wear comfortably. The leg opening is sewn with two layers so that the strong closure is also prevented from leaving marks on the baby’s legs. A system of white button-like snaps around the front of the waistband allows the diapers to be tightened to a size that is small enough for a 6lb baby. The diapers can be extended at the waistband to fit a 33lb baby. This sizing system allows sturdy, chubby babies to feel comfortable as well as tiny fragile newborns.

Economy and Other Features:
  • ​These diapers will absorb baby’s liquid and solid wastes very easily so that they do not usually get diaper rash.
  • ​The Norah’s Nursery Nautical​ Baby Cloth​ Pocket Diapers are easy to wash in either a top loader or a front loader washing machine. I recommend never using bleach or fabric softener while washing any cloth diaper because the residue may burn the baby’s skin. My best advice is to rinse the diapers then wash them on a warm water cycle.
  • ​With the addition of an insert, these diapers can keep baby dry and happy for up to six hours,    
  • These diapers can be worn and washed for up to a year. They will still look bright fresh and new.
  • These diapers are a high-quality product that easily meets CPSC standards. (The CPSC is the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.)
  • With the Norah’s Nursery Diapers Moms and Dads can provide enough clean diapers daily by rotating through 21 -24 diapers and washing every second day. That’s a good number as these diapers are very long-wearing. These 21-24 diapers should last a baby through the newborn stage and up to the toddler age.
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